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Fuji Stone (#24) - Carli Boisjolie

Fuji Stone (#24) - Carli Boisjolie

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Anagama-fired ceramic
10cm x 8cm x 8cm
This one-of-a-kind ceramic vessel was created in Japan in an anagama kiln. Anagama firing is a traditional Japanese wood-fired kiln technique that involves loading pottery into a long, tunnel-like kiln fueled by wood. The firing process, often lasting several days, allows ash and flame to interact with the clay and glaze, producing unique and unpredictable effects influenced by the natural variations in the wood ash distribution. 

This piece is part of a series titled "48 Stones," a group of ceramic works representing forty-eight named stones from the Sanbaseki Gorge near Onishi, the town where these pieces were made. This vessel represents #24, the Fuji Stone.

Please note that this piece is not microwave or oven safe.
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