Collection: Joelle Jabbour

b.Lebanon, 1996

Joelle Jabbour, also known as Hot Ice Cream in the art scene, is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Beirut. Originally trained as an Interior Architect, Jabbour's passion for the arts led her to explore various creative mediums including illustration, poster design, furniture design, and music. By combining these different worlds, she creates unique and vibrant pieces that are characterized by bold imagery, infinite colors, Psychedelic vibrant pieces which she generates using Adobe AutoCAD.

Jabbour has collaborated with several musicians and groups, including Taxi 404, Zeid Hamdan, The Beirut Groove Collective, JK LoveIT, and others. Her illustrations are inspired by her interests and instincts, including felines, diverse plants, melodies, and the absurdities of life. Through her art, Jabbour immerses herself in a world far removed from reality and embraces the unconventional, as she explores the complexities of life in her own unique way