Collection: Krikor Avessian


Krikor Avessian was born  into a family of artists and craftsmen. He lives and works in his birthplace, Beirut, as an artist and has been the Art coordinator of Aishti Foundation since 2018. After being certified from Hamazkayin Toros Roslin Academy of Fine Arts in 2013, he continued his art studies at the Lebanese International University, from where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2015.
Given the importance to engage with a mentor to learn and achieve full potential, Krikor's first and continuous mentor has been his father, Vartan Avessian, a master of photography, videography and sculpture. Krikor has also apprenticed with the renowned multi-disciplinary artist Ara Azad during two master classes that he considers pivotal to his creative formation. Krikor dabbles in and experiments with a variety of materials and media, with a recent emphasis is sculpting.