Collection: Mohamad Seif

About The Artist
Born and based in Beirut, Mohamad Seif is armed with a creative eye, professional tools, and years of
experience, possessing the rare ability to encapsulate the true essence of his subjects in his work. He has established himself as a visionary artist. His journey, intimately connected with the evolution of his brand, Mohamad Seif, reflects the essence of glamour and creativity in fashion and beauty photography.
What sets Mohamad apart is his unique muse—the character of individuals captured through his lens. Unconventional in his approach, he finds inspiration not only in beauty, fashion, or light but in the inherent character of his subjects. This distinctive touch has allowed him to collaborate with brands, celebrities, and publications on a global scale.
His journey serves as an inspiration, reminding aspiring photographers that the true essence of their craft lies in revealing the intrinsic qualities of their subjects.
In "Urban Layers," Mohamad Seif merges various mediums to convey his artistic vision. Combining original fashion photography, makeup art, urban facades, acrylic paint, and spray paint, Seif starts with a printed fashion photograph that he creates and directs from scratch with a team of the industry's elite professionals. He then blends the hard copy with other artistic materials on the abundant walls of cities he visits. The final step involves photographing the altered piece again and printing it on canvas. The mysterious models pose between the layers of colors in dramatic attitudes, yet never hide a wicked sense of humor.
As a creative fashion photographer, producer, and traveler, Seif draws inspiration for this exhibition from diverse locations and iconic products in cosmopolitan cities such as New York, Miami, Paris, and Beirut. Each piece expresses a different state of mind, point of view, and perception of our daily life.