Not Today - Collective Exhibition (May 2023)

Amidst the constant pressure and fast-paced nature of modern life, the gallerist invites artists to stop what they are doing Today, take a step back and explore the possibilities of a world beyond our current reality. The combination of works will culminate in a post-modern world where concepts of rationality, objectivity and universal truth are rejected. Instead it emphasizes the diversity of human experience and multiplicity of  perspectives.

 The Disappearing Act - ElChamaa's Solo Show (July 2023)

"The Disappearing Act" invites viewers to contemplate and reflect upon the ephemeral nature of existence. ElChamaa's artworks, with their ethereal and transient elements, serve as a powerful reminder of life's transitory essence, encouraging viewers to embrace the beauty of the present moment and cherish the ever-evolving world that surrounds them.

This exhibition presents a diverse range of artwork, including paintings and installations, showcasing ElChamaa's versatility and innovative spirit. The remarkable collection of pieces on display spans from 2011 to 2023, providing a comprehensive journey through the artist's creative evolution.

ElChamaa Solo Show

"BEIRUT NEJMA" - Collective Exhibition (December 2023)

"Contemplating whether to remain in Lebanon or depart is a thought ingrained within us due to the prevailing circumstances. Regardless of your choice to stay or depart from Beirut, the city retains a lustrous appeal in your thoughts despite its intricate situation. What exactly lends this brilliance to Beirut in our minds? The gallerist invited her artist friends based in Beirut or abroad to address this very question."

"Breathscape" (نَفَس) - Collective Exhibition (April 2024)

"Breathscape" (نَفَس) invites visitors to embark on a journey of introspection and reflection through a series of captivating artworks. The exhibition seeks to create a space for contemplation and connection, inviting viewers to explore the depths of their inner landscapes.

Featuring works by both emerging and established artists, "Breathscape" offers an experience that encourages visitors to pause, breathe, and engage with the present moment. 

This diverse collection of art pieces explores the intersection of art and mindfulness.

SANA HELWA - سنة حلوة one year artistic gathering (May 2024)

Reflecting on the past year, I fondly remember our collective post-modern exhibition, “NOT TODAY”, which challenged artists to envision a futuristic world with elements of the past. One year later, I asked my artist friends to create or select pieces that represent their childhood, evoking feelings of nostalgia and joy. The aim is to create a playful and vibrant atmosphere, reminiscent of a playground for adults. Expect multidisciplinary artworks, including a video projection by Ralph Khoury and an installation by myself, guiding visitors through my artistic journey this year.

The  general curatorial theme for this last year was Anything but Today, creating exhibitions to help us  take a break from the present and ease our anxiety.

Choosing “SANA HELWA - سنة حلوة” as the  title may seem a bit ironic, considering the psychological challenges I faced while launching a business during the ongoing situation in the area. However, despite the hardships, the gallery’s achievements this year have been extraordinary; 8 exhibitions, 2 workshops and 3 collaborative events, and hosting and curating more than 20 artists.

This exhibition also serves as an invitation for creative practitioners—gallerists, curators, and artists—to collectively explore ways to sustain our lives through our artistic and cultural practice.

Art has always played a significant role in shaping my life, helping me navigate through difficult times and building my personality and culture. I aim to continue providing a platform for innovative and progressive artists with new voices that represent our present, infused with humor and creativity with more audiovisual experiences.