Collection: Noemie Naoumi

b. Lebanon, 1993

Noemie Honein is a Lebanese artist and author currently living in Toulouse.
Under the pseudonym Noémie Naoumi, she published her first graphic novel "De l'importance du poil de nez" in 2020 with Sarbacane éditions. She had the opportunity to develop it during her residencies at “la Maison des Auteurs” in Angoulême and at the “Festival BD Colomiers”. The publication was translated to English with Black Panel Press and will be available in Arabic by the end of 2024 with Nool Press.
Noemie has worked on varied projects, including illustrating children books, posters for short movies and events like Lyon BD, Mairie de Toulouse, Museum de Toulouse, etc. She worked for the press, illustrating articles for Revue XXI and Vice Arabia, took over “La Dernière” for L'Orient Le Jour etc. She collaborated with Jeux de Mains for a capsule collection. In her practice, she stresses a lot on research, trying to fund her works not only as pieces but as observations and questionings. Therefore, she participated in roundtables focusing on: art and exile, the body, family, love, through the intimate, solicited by Iremmo’s event Maghreb Orient du Livre and the Collège de France’s colloquium on Graphic Novels in the Arab World, among others. Which led for an academic publication with two chairs from the anthropology and sociology department.
Since 2018, she has been exhibiting in galleries and institutions between Lebanon and France. Her first collective exhibition took place in 2018 at Cub Gallery, where she presented her series "Le monde de Noémie". She later exhibited at Beirut Art Residency in 2019. In 2020, she presented her first mixed-media installation at le Théâtre des Mazades in Toulouse as part of a collective exhibition with two comic book authors.
Improvised drawing on paper has been a major part of her practice. Alongside commissioned work, she enjoys keeping a space of freedom where she can draw without any specific purpose, especially not aesthetic