Collection: Olivia Flouty

Olivia Flouty, a versatile artist and designer based in Paris, brings a unique blend of skills to the creative realm. With a background in interior architecture and user experience, Olivia navigates seamlessly between disciplines, adding depth to her creative pursuits. As a keen observer of human behavior, she explores the absurdities of our actions and the power of symbolism in her artwork. Born in Lebanon, Olivia infuses her creations with a deep love for her homeland, viewing every piece as a reflection of her affinity for the country. Notably, she embarked on the Stamp Project during Lebanon's challenging times, crafting 25 stamps that celebrated the plasticity of Lebanese creatives and thinkers amidst social and economic turmoil. Through her simple yet impactful designs, Olivia Flouty continues to make her mark on the world, using art and design as a powerful means of expression and connection.